Become a Certified ZEN Counsellor

Zen Counseling is a simple yet powerful & effective form of counseling based on the fundamental principal of ZEN Buddhism.

The origin of ZEN Counseling :

Mr. Kenichi Ishimaru created ZEN Counseling in the year 2000 in Japan.

“Zen Counseling is based on the concept of Zen.
Westerners often ask me what is Zen.
My answer is very simple.
If it is simple, it is Zen.
If it is complicated, it is not Zen.
Our mind is full of junk thoughts. So, it is not Zen
LOVE is simple.
Love or non-love. so, love is Zen
Zen is Love and any truth itself.” – Kenichi Ishimaru

About ZEN Counseling?

ZEN Counseling is the simplest counseling method created based on the concept of ZEN that everyone is already a Buddha. It is designed to learn all the methods in 4 days (24 hours) to become a Certified ZEN Counsellor.

ZEN Counseling was born from a simple question “If everyone is already a Buddha and your client is also a Buddha, then what is the role of Counseling? What is the role of counselor?”

ZEN Counseling helps open up the clients’ capacity to heal themselves and to solve their problems by coming in contact with their Inner Wisdom, without giving any advice.

Benefits of becoming a Certified ZEN Counsellor:

  • ZEN Counseling is effective in all kinds of problems like anxiety, depression, mental disorders, health problems, studies or relationship issue, financial or even spiritual issues.

  • ZEN Counseling Training can help you find solutions to your own problems.

  • You can help your friends, family, business team or anybody to find answers to their problems.

  • You can start your ZEN Counseling practice after getting a Practitioner’s Certificate with your name listed on the official website of ZEN Counseling.

  • ZEN Counseling Training can be an additional tool to your existing teaching of yoga, meditation or any other discipline.

  • ZEN Counseling helps create a better world with happy people looking inside for solution to their problems.


Training Schedule:

The Zen Counseling Training is designed to learn its methodology in 6 days (24 hours) to become a professional Zen Counselor. The training of Zen Counseling will involve daily meditations and scientific techniques to look at the heart, ego, positivity, negativity and acceptance to help participants go deeper in the concept of Zen Counseling

 The First day:

Listening Relaxed & 6 Stages of any Client

The Second day

Repeating & Awareness

The Third day:

Left Brain question for Right Brain Clients & Clarifying the Problem

The Forth day:

About Emotions & Awareness to Contradiction

The Fifth day:

Right Brain question for Left Brain clients & Clarifying the goal

The Sixth Day:

5 minutes counseling and the understanding of mechanism of LOVE & EGO