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Zen Counseling is a simple form of counseling in a Zen Way.

Zen Counselor believes that when you have a problem/issue, you also have an answer/solution for it. Zen Counselor helps you to find your own answer. Actually, no one else’s answer will work for you; it has to come from within you.

Another major difference between Zen-Based Counseling & traditional Counseling is that Zen Counselor sees you as a Buddha, not as a patient. Zen Counsellor will listen to you & your problem with compassion & open loving heart without any judgments. This will help you open more & speak about your problem. The more you speak; your problem comes more in awareness. Once you see clearly with awareness, it is much easier to find a solution, which is just right next to your problem.

ZEN Counseling is effective in all kinds of problems like anxiety, depression, mental disorders, health problems, studies or relationship issue, financial or even spiritual issues.

Each session of Zen Counseling lasts about 60 – 90 minutes and depending on your problem, you may require 3-4 sessions. Sometimes, one may find a solution in one single session as well.

You can book a session with any of our Certified Zen Counsellor from the list below. You can click on Book Now button and you select the counsellor on the next page with Booking Calendar. Simply choose your convenient time & check out. Our team will connect you with your chosen Zen Counsellor.  

We wish you find your own answers to your problems. 

Certified Zen Counselors

Dr Ronak Gandhi .jpeg

Zen Counseling Instructor

Dr. Ronak Gandhi

Medical Doctor, Holistic Health Practitioner,  Enlovement Coach, TEDx Speaker & Peace Ambassador


Zen Counsellor, Mumbai

Kamalika Basak

My experience with Zen Counseling has been most profound. It has allowed me to reach a deep level...


Zen Counsellor, Spain

Reyes Rigo 

A qualified acupuncturists and a Zen Shiatsu therapist Reyes offers a comprehensive and integrated...


Zen Counsellor

Rishma Palkar

She is a Co Founder at Loving & facilitates workshops, Sister Circles & transformation retreats. 


Zen Counsellor, Thane Mumbai

Ashish Nanoty

Zen Counsellor, DHEYA Career Mentor, Stress Management & NLP Life Coach


Zen Counsellor, Mumbai

Dr. Shruti Mehta

Early on in my career as a practicing Homoeopath I learned the Importance of Counseling.


Zen Counsellor, Pune

Yogesh Lokhande

works as the Vice President of Strategy at Cygnet Infotech. An IIM Bangalore alumnus, his 20+ years of experience


Zen Counsellor, Mumbai

Mona Doctor

Holistic Health Consultant, Energy healer/ teacher, Mentor and the Co- Founder of The Integral Space...


Zen Counsellor, Mumbai

Aabhash Modi

I am a Zen Counsellor...


Zen Counsellor, Bhuvneshwar

Namrita Chahal

I am a Zen Counsellor, Tarot Card Reader, Energy Healer & Body Psycho Therapist.

Gargi Rathod.jpeg

Zen Counsellor, Ahmedabad

Gargi Rathod

Zen Counselling helps to realize our true potential. Be Wise, Be Useful, Be Loving, Be Zen…


Zen Counsellor, Surat

Pankti Chauhan

Zen Counselor, Art therapist, NLP practitioner and Teacher


Zen Counsellor, Nepal

Dambar Bahadur

I am a Karate coach having black belt 4th Dan and 17 years of coaching experience.


Zen Counsellor, Ahmedabad

Atul Tiwari

a post graduate from Lucknow University (India); I have a rich multicultural experience...


Zen Counsellor, Gondia, MH

Dr. Rekha Lilhare

Zen counseling helps people in loving themselves, healing and empowering individuals as well as enhancing...


Zen Counsellor, Mumbai

Shashi Ramesh

certified practitioner of the Expressive Arts therapy. She had worked with multinational companies...

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