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WOH is the foundation program of Loving; it is a new way of living in modern times.

We generally believe that brain governs the body; but recent discoveries have shown that heart influences the brain. Heart receives information from all the bodily systems, emotions, happiness, love, relationship, accomplishments and signals brain.

Children are our future citizens. We observe that nowadays children like adults, are affected by stress, anxiety, frustration, fear, anger, restlessness and many more. Similarly, teachers like other working people have to face issues like stress, work productivity and dealing with children is a very responsible act.

WOH program proposes heart & brain synchronization. You will learn about love, joy & happiness are all positive emotions of the heart and how to start living heart based life and excel in studies, work or relationship.

WOH offers an alternative way of learning in a warm, safe and supportive environment. Kids & Teens will learn to accept & love themselves, become sensitive to their needs and learn better relating.

WOH will help students and teachers in many ways: cope us with stress & negativity, relax, increase self esteem, develop self confidence, accept rejection and improve in happiness, study, concentration, respect & good behavior to unfold their inner potential.

Most importantly, teachers will be inspired to be a role model to children.

All our programs are non religious and we have already worked with hundreds of students & teachers with great results.



  • Healing & Self Love
    Healing & Self Love
    Membership Offer
    Sun, 21 Feb
    Healing & Self Love
    21-Feb-2021, 8:00 am IST – 27-Feb-2021, 9:00 am IST
  • Dance Party with Loving Community
    Dance Party with Loving Community
    Membership Offer
    Wed, 17 Feb
    Dance Party with Loving Community
    17-Feb-2021, 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm
    Dance Party with Loving Community



  • About WOH

  • Myths of brain & mind

  • Mysteries of the Heart

  • Social Meditation

  • Awareness exercises

  • Centering techniques

  • Guided Meditations like Inner Smile & Relaxation

  • Creativity & Playful activities

  • Enhance your heart’s positive emotions

  • Healing old traumas

  • Start living a heart-based life

  • Create more love, joy & happiness in your life

  • Improve relationships

  • Simple & effective way of starting Inner Journey

  • Deal with anger, stress, anxiety & depression

  • Confront fears

  • Become Happy, Healthy & look younger

  • Improve in concentration & study


Children, Teenagers, Youth, Women, Creative & artistic people, Pregnant women, Professionals & people suffering from sleep problems and mental disorders.


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Dr Ronak Gandhi Founder & CEO

He is a Medical Doctor, Holistic Health Practitioner, Zen Counsellor, Enlovement Coach, TEDx Speaker & Peace Ambassador. He is the only Indian with the 4th Black belt in Kyudo – Japanese Zen Archery and a trained facilitator in Meditation, Therapy, Hypnosis & Healing Arts


I attended the HLTP workshop which was a lot of fun. It was interactive, well conducted and full of activities. I touched base with certain emotions and learnt new techniques to deal with them. It was interesting.

Darshana Doshi, freelance writer/editor/journalist

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