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Ronak is a Medical Doctor, Holistic Health Practitioner, Zen Counsellor, Enlovement Coach, TEDx Speaker & Peace Ambassador. He is the only Indian with the 4th Black belt in Kyudo – Japanese Zen Archery and a trained facilitator in Meditation, Therapy, Hypnosis & Healing Arts.

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Ronak is trained & experienced in -

◦ Social & AUM Meditation Leader by Humaniversity, Holland
◦ Peace Ambassador by Humaniversity, Holland
◦ 4th Dan (Black Belt) in Japanese Zen Archery - Kyudo
◦ OSHO Meditations
◦ Chi Kung & Self Hypnosis
◦ Zen Counselling by Zen Kinesiology, Japan
◦ Fellow of Royal Institute of Public Health.
◦ Acuenergetics – I by School of Acuenergetics, Australia

Born in the city of Ahmedabad, Ronak has always been always life positive, enthusiastic and very friendly. Very bright in his studies and highly gregarious since childhood, he later qualified as a Medical Doctor with specialization in Health Care Management.

Ronak sought out the journey of his life as a lecturer in a Medical College at Bhavnagar, Gujarat. He practiced the various effects of meditation on his students suffering from anxiety, depression and study related difficulties in his career as a Lecturer. The incredible results became a motivational factor in his desire to explore the inner realms of life with the help of Meditation.

During these years, his inclination towards spirituality grew and took a phenomenal surge. He was inspired by the teachings and meditations given by OSHO and he has not stopped since. He was also inspired by the teachings of Gandhiji, Buddha, J Krishnamurthy, George Gurdjieff & Lama Drupka Kunley.

He has always envisioned living a life free of pain and diseases. Being disenchanted with the limited scope of Medicine, Ronak felt the urge to contemplate on the meaning of life & seek wisdom. As his interest in this quest deepened, he had a chance to experience the amazing effects of Meditation & other transformative techniques.With an urge to look deeper, he visited many countries, came across many Masters, visited many Schools for Alternative Therapies & learnt different Arts & Meditations.

His thirst for the wisdom of the Unknown, the purpose of life on earth, life beyond death, the play of destiny,Love and God was deep. His life changed entirely after his meeting with Veeresh – The Founder of OSHO Humaniversity in Holland.

Veeresh showed him that all the answers to these sought out questions lie within ourselves in our own HEART,and to accept all the different parts of the self and always find the Master within. Veeresh trained him how to introduce Humaniversity AUM in India. It was like a full circle. Osho inspired Veeresh to work with people which later on developed as Humaniversity AUM & Veeresh trained Ronak to bring it back to India after 40 years. This resulted in the birth of Loving – The Way of The Heart, a unique Center for Transformation & Personal growth in 2011.

Ronak is on a mission to spread ‘Enlovement’ in the world; he quotes “I am on a mission to share my experience of Enlovement to people by way of Ancient Arts, Meditations, and Therapy. My years of learning with Spiritual Masters combined with my trainings are all but a way to help myself & people to be happy and have fulfilled & creative lives. Since my childhood, I have treasured Friendship. I am rich to have so many friends. Friendship is
my mission.”

He oversees all the programs and workshops at Loving and works with people throughout the process combining his trainings and Medical Knowledge. Ronak is passionate about acting, movies, computer, website designing, writing and travelling. He is a Counselor with 1096 Zindagi Helpline – an initiative by Ahmedabad

He is also trained & experience in:
• Social & AUM Meditation Leader by Humaniversity, Holland
• Peace Ambassador by Humaniversity, Holland
• 4th Dan (Black Belt) in Japanese Zen Archery – Kyudo
• OSHO Meditations Facilitator by Osho Multiversity, Pune
• Chi Kung & Self Hypnosis
• Zen Counselling by Zen Kinesiology, Japan
• Fellow of Royal Institute of Public Health.
• Acuenergetics – I by School of Acuenergetics, Australia
• Member of Swiss Kyudo Federation
• Member of European Kyudo Federation
• Member of International Kyudo Federation
• Attended International Kyudo Seminars in England, Switzerland, France and Japan
• Only Indian National with 4th Dan, covered in few newspapers, magazines & TV News
• Presented a Workshop on Kyudo in ZEGG, Germany & Mood Indigo, IIT Bombay

Our Valuable Team Members




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Rishma Palkar is a management post graduate and facilitates workshops, Sister Circles & transformation retreats. She is trained as an Osho Meditation Facilitator & Zen Counsellor by Osho Multiversity, Pune. She is also trained in Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Body Mind – Meditative Therapy.


The trans formative effects of Meditations changed her life and she started investing her life towards living in a state of Enlivenment. She believes that only by living a heart-based life, one can take charge of life & happiness. Her life is dedicated to becoming more loving, creative & friendly.




A postgraduate in Commerce, Rinkal has already proven her mettle and has a strong incline in helping raise awareness about the Loving programs. Rinkal manages all inquiries and information requests at the Loving Center, Ahmedabad. She also manages the classes, sessions, workshops, and programs, coordinating with Loving’s Peacemakers, Student Ambassadors, and Volunteers for a seamless communication and process flow. Rinkal is happy to have experienced the magic of meditation at an early age. “I am gaining greater clarity about my life with every passing day”, believes Rinkal, as she learns daily meditations and the art of facilitating them.




Being a student pursuing graduation from Somlalit College in Ahmedabad, Komal works as a Coordinator at Loving Center for Transformation with a cheerful smile and zest. She takes care of Inquiries, administrative work, marketing on Social Media and conducting Evening Meditations handling visitors at Friendship Café with genuine enthusiasm. She quotes,” After joining Loving Center for Transformation, i have seen changes in myself & in my life. I have started valuing my personal growth in this young age. I find this as a big opportunity here to discover my inner joy. I am very lucky to be a part of the Loving Team.”




Poonam is a pursuing student of MBA who loves travelling to different places and meet different people. She is a sports buff playing games and sports like Basketball, Taekwondo, Karate, Chess etc. She is a 1st Dan black belt in Karate.


“I am very happy to join Loving Center for Transformation as it has made me become more happy & confident. I feel self-transformation and I see it in others too who are a part of Loving Community. I am very happy serving such an organization that inspires me and others to work on self-love and self-development”




Dixit Shah is a certified Osho Meditation Facilitator by Osho Multiversity, Pune.
He is a professional Photographer, passionate Harley Davidson bike rider & a Marathon runner. He is always working for the betterment of his health & spirit & has been an active support & staff for many workshops at Loving Center for Transformation – Mumbai & Ahmedabad since 2012 & likes to share his experience of Meditations with people.




Devang is a Professional Artist and a Meditator. He has his own Art Gallery & has organized exhibitions & seminars on his paintings at various places in the country. He strongly believes that his endeavor towards inner transformation & Personal Growth through Loving has helped him unlock his artistic potential and provided him with artistic insights at all times.




Hiren is a Fine Arts Graduate and also a Yoga and Martial Arts enthusiast. He currently serves as a Creative Coordinator at Loving Center for Transformation for photography & creatives.

”I start & end my creative work with meditation. I feel happy, energetic and more focused. Meditation has changed my negative thought pattern, increased my creativity and I feel relaxed throughout the day. I am very lucky to be a part of the Loving Team”.




Indira is one of the most sought out in Loving’s Team due to the delicious food she cooks and her smiling face. She cooks food with that extra love which makes it more delicious and she turns food into soothing meals, which can take all that stress away!

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Saarthak is a dedicated and dynamic student passionate about health and fitness. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Engineering degree and serving as a Student Volunteer at Loving Center for Transformation. He is a state level gold medalist in Judo & Wrestling and loves to participate in Community activities. He helps in student volunteer recruitment, student counseling, yoga and other workshops.

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