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Zazen – Silent Sitting Meditation


Zazen is an ancient technique of meditation to sit silently and observe your thoughts without any judgment. Zazen is also known as “Silent Sitting Meditation”.

This meditation is based on the wandering of your thoughts. Let your mind wander the uncharted territory of your thoughts. Thoughts that you have not normally think. Let your mind wander, don’t try to fight it. The only thing you have to do is just relax and focus your attention inwards.

Sitting silently doesn’t mean become inactive, it is all about to observe your thoughts from a different perspective without judgment.

As Buddha certainly says: Know how to sit silently. That does not mean that he says: Go on sitting silently forever. He is not saying you have to become inactive; on the contrary, it is only out of the silence that action arises. If you are not silent, if you don’t know how to sit silently, or stand silently in deep meditation, whatsoever you go on doing is a reaction, not action. You react.

This meditation will help you to remain calm and think clearly. It also helps you to see your problems from different perceptions and find a solution.

Steps to do Zazen: Silent Sitting Meditation

Sit in a comfortable position (avoid lying down, you may fall asleep).

Set a timer of 10 minutes or 20 minutes.

Relax & close your eyes.

Let all the attention bring inside.

Take a deep breath.

Start observing your thoughts without any judgment.

This meditation is also available in Hindi.

Zazen: Silent Sitting Meditation (Hindi).

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