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The True Meaning of Lockdown

Every species inhabits a territory and obeys a certain rhythm of life. The Earth spins around on its axis every 24 hours, creating day & night, and takes a complete orbit around the Sun every year, influencing our climate and giving way to what we call seasons.

Every organism adheres to this constant routine, abiding by external factors such as day and night and the seasons. They go out either in the day time or in the night time in search of food and water. When the lion goes to the river, the monkey announces its arrival, alerting the deers to its presence. Even their hunting has a rhythm & the prey must outwit the predator. Or die to serve the planet’s food chain.

Only human beings do not follow this natural rhythm. We are constantly parading around the globe. Just to search for food we need to take our car, stop at intersections, park in the garage, and then reach the grocery shop. This repeats on our trip back home. We could have grown a tiny vegetable patch in the backyard or baked some bread in the oven, which would have saved us so much time, money, and fuel. Similarly, one could’ve planted a tree or had a sauna bath in the garden.

What have we done to the earth?

We have polluted everything from the oceans to the mountains to our entire Earth. Cut down majestic forests, drilled oil from deep within the Earth, and left its wasteful remnants in the sky in the form of air pollution. All our waste in terms of plastic, chemicals, used cardboards, packaging, processed food, oils, medical waste, organic waste, and nuclear waste is harming all the species living under the water or on the Earth or flying in the sky. Many species are now deemed extinct, courtesy yours truly, and many more are on the way.

All our telephone towers together create such strong electromagnetic waves that they prove harmful to birds as well as humans. We are using so much water in our homes, offices, and factories, and we drain our dirty water into the oceans, ripe with harmful chemicals. All our festivals, sports events, and social gatherings create gigantic carbon footprints. We are stopping at nothing and become so blind to our capitalist and consumerist society, becoming victims of our own greed for power and profit.

We have even created animal farms! Where we grow animals in these farms to butcher them, to eat them, and to make products for ourselves using their body parts. There is nothing crueler than this. How can nature and other species cope with us? It is enough already. But now it seems like their prayers have been heard, someone seems to have heard their cries.

The Novel Coronavirus seems like nature’s masterstroke, nature’s balance, nature’s justice. Nature has used our fear of the unknown to its advantage, effectively stopping all our movements across the globe. The world is going to be locked down for weeks, for months, or, dare I say it, even years to come. Governments & corporations across the world are fervently spending money on health care & to sustain our precious economies. But how long they will keep pouring money into this failed system? Do we understand the hidden message embedded in the arrival of the COVID-19 Pandemic, which will grace our future history textbooks for years to come?

What is True Meaning of Lockdown?

The true meaning of this lockdown is simple. Nature is simply telling us, ‘I don’t need you. You need me. So stay put in your tiny, comfortable homes and quit messing around. You are mere travelers, tenants on this earth for 60-70-80 years. Stop your obnoxious disturbance or face the consequences: Death.’

In fact, nature does not need humans to survive; life on earth can and will continue without human existence. But can we survive without this planet? Can we survive without food, water, air, and sun? We only have one planet, and if we fail to care for one another, including our fellow species and this planet we have infested like a virus. I pray to you, Coronavirus, not to stop until you consumed the last of us on the earth, ridding it of our leech-like existence. We do not deserve to exist on this planet. Before we destroy the planet further, O COVID-19, put an end to the misery human life has inflicted on our benevolent Mother Earth.

If we find a cure or vaccine to Coronavirus but if we do not change our ways, our greed and competition and violence, I assure you that there shall be more viruses, far deadlier than this one. For our actions have hit the ceiling of nature’s patience and COVID-19 is nothing but a gentle warning. Let us understand this message, let us stay in our limits, be creative, spend time with our loved ones, for our very survival depends on it. This is what the true meaning of Lockdown is!

What are your thoughts on Lockdown, let us know in the comment section down below.

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