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Laughter Meditation


In today’s situation, where we all are suffering from the CoVid-19 pandemic. We have to remain in self lockdown at our own home. Due to this lockdown, many of us are start having negative emotions, because our home has become a cage for us. We all know staying at home is for our own safety, but still, it takes a heavy toll on us. We, humans, are social animals, if we have to stay at the same place, it will arise negative emotions inside us. Today world is suffering from financial problems and COVID-19 pandemic. Laughter seems to one of the power medication in our current situation.

We, humans, are the only species blessed with a gift called Laughing. Laughter can change your mood in a moment. It helps us to overcome negative emotions & make us happy. Not only it helps you to tackle negative emotions, but also helps us to increase immunity.

What is Laughter Meditation?

Laughter meditation is a tool to increase happiness and your immunity. With a little focus and meditation, you can overcome your negative mood & become happy inside. With laughter, a joy arises from inside and release all the tensions from our brain, and make us feel light and energetic.

Steps to perform Laughter Meditation:

Step 1. Set a timer for 5 minutes to 20 minutes.

Step 2. Ask your family and friends to join with you in laughter meditation.

Step 3. Start laughing by remembering a joke, a pleasant memory or anything. The basic thing is to laugh as hard as you can without stopping.

Step 4. After the timer has rung, sit quietly for a while and feel all this inner joy.

This meditation is also available in Hindi.

Laughter Meditation (Hindi).

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