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Inner Smile Meditation for Self-love


Inner Smile Meditation is an ancient technique practiced by Samurai & Taoist masters.

There has been a constant debate on what is more powerful, mind or heart? Taoist believe that there are points on our face which are doors to our hearts. When we smile those doors open up & in turn, it opens our heart. Once the heart is open, you feel so much love, joy & happiness radiating from within. Once your heart is open & you are in touch with heart’s positive emotions; love, joy & happiness, your perception of the outer life also changes. It’s a simple law of attraction; if you are happy, you attract more happiness and if you are sad, you attract more sadness.

We do not have total & direct control over the outside situation in life, but we surely have a mastery of how we feel inside. Inner Smile Meditation can help to feel your overflowing love, joy & happiness which abundant in your heart center. It is a very simple technique to practice.

Steps to perform Inner Smile Meditation:

Step 1: Find a comfortable position to sit (seated on a couch, cushion or chair). Close your eyes. Start scanning your body tension and release all the tension from the body. Set a timer of 10 or 20 minutes. Listen to the light music or guided Inner smile meditation in the above video.

Step 2: Take a deep breath and with the breath release all the tension in your body. Start remembering any happy moment of your life; a joke or anything which can make you smile. Start smiling by remembering all those moments of life.

Step 3: Once you feel a smile coming on your face, expand it more & keep feeling, smiling & relaxing.

Step 4: If that memory was vanishing, let it go. And just focus on your smile.

This meditation is also available in Hindi.

Inner Smile Meditation (Hindi).

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