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Healing & Self-Love

What is the root meaning of Healing and Self-Love?

When we first heard word Heal, we refer it with recovery from an injury, but in reality its meaning is much deeper than you might think.

Heal means what?

In Hindi it is Ruz. Ru in Urdu means Soul.

So, Healing can be defined as “Something that hurts your soul, you deal with the hurt with your soul is called Healing”.

The biggest hurt is when we are born, birth trauma. How we are born in this world, this family, this city, this country, this earth we don’t know. When we came into this unknown world from our mother’s womb, everything changes.

By coming out we observe the surrounding world has been completely different from something we had been familiar with. This leads to our first hurt known as Birth Trauma.

The first biggest thing is birth trauma.

Once you start understanding this new world, your desire also grows with the understanding. And when these childhood desires cannot be fulfilled in life. You experience the second trauma know as Childhood trauma.

In this trauma, you did not have enough in terms of work, money, goals, looks, your health, body, relationships. Apart from that you also develop lots of issues in life, or you are not reaching somewhere in spiritually or mentally.

You have hurt your soul without even realization all because of these things you have desired.

How can Healing and Self-Love helps you to overcome trauma’s?

In healing and self-love, we will nurture your soul, give you the techniques to heal yourself and start loving yourself from any issues, any problems, any past things, or what you want to be in the future. Maybe you are not happy or carrying a lot of negativity, a lot of resentment or sadness.

Healing and Self-Love helps you to deal with these feelings and let go of past trauma. And also teaches you to enjoy the present moment in your life.

Process of Healing & Self-Love:

Process of Healing and Self-Love is starting with “Inner smile meditation“. Inner Smile Meditation is a meditation that helps you to open the door of your heart. Once the heart is open you feel so much love, joy and happiness radiating from within. Once your heart is open and you are in touch with heart’s positive emotions; love, joy & happiness, your perception of the outer life also changes.

You start opening your heart and feel happiness in your life. And then whatever you are carrying in your heart any negativity or resentment for any person or any situation starts disappearing.

Once you do that, you start releasing all this heaviness and negativity around your heart has gone. And also start feeling the Happiness, Joy, Enlovement, and all the positive emotions in your heart.

After that, we will start making friends with your body. In this step you need to ask your body what can I do for you? by asking each and every organ, each and every part of your body.

How are you doing? make friends with your body and then ask “if is there anything I can do better for you”.

If you are smoke a lot, then your lungs will say, “smoke less or stop”. If you are worrying too much because of your health issues, your body will say, “stop worrying”; or if you are eating too much because you don’t feel happy inside your body will say, “don’t eat with emotion”.

By befriending with your body, your body helps you remain healthier in every step of life by guiding you, “What is good for you”.

Healing and Self-Love technique takes about a total of 14 hours which is further divided into 2 hours each day, for 7 days.

We also practice this technique at Loving.

In the first hour, we will work on what are your issues, what you want to heal in your body and mind, your relationships, your work goals, your self-image, etc.

Then in the second part, we will start by healing your body by making you friends with your body. In this process, you will ask your body, “what can I do for you” and listen to your body. Once you start listening to your body your body will guide you. How you should go, what you should do, what you should give up, how you should lead your life.

After 7 days you continue, we will give you a CD you continue to do it for 2 months.

And that’s how you start loving yourself.

Let us know about your thoughts on Healing & self-Love in the comment section down below.

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