Gratitude Meditation : Thanking body & mind


Thanking body & mind is a process of being reminded of a language most of us have forgotten. It’s the language of communicating with your own body, making friends with your self and listening to its messages has been a well-known practice in ancient Tibet. Listen to your inner voice to guide you in starting a journey of healing & self-love. Pain, diseases, addictions will be dealt with and can be healed.

This process will also help you to make friends with the body & mind, communicate with it, and work on life issues using ancient healing practices, hypnosis & meditative therapy.

Our body is the most precious thing we have, it is our temple, our own home & it is our first and foremost responsibility to take care of it. But we have forgotten to listen to the body. And the body is sending us signals, keep giving us signs but we don’t listen to them. These signs are in the form of pain, disease, addiction, etc.

You may work on health issues, mental disorders, addictions, work or relationship problems, childhood traumas, or spiritual growth by making a deeper connection with your self to guide you into the healing process & start truly loving yourself. This meditation will help you to self heal your body physically & emotionally.

We will start by guiding you to open your heart and start letting go of any negativity or resentment you are carrying for so long for any person or situation.

How to perform Thanking body & mind meditation

Lie down in a comfortable position. Do all the things you need to do to become comfortable.

Then Close your eyes and move from the outside, bring your attention to inwards.

Start relaxing, let go of all the tension which you do not need. Give yourself full permission to relax.

Start focusing on the organs of your body, parts that want your special attention.

Focus on the part wherever your attention goes and start thanking it. Eg “I want to say thank you for always working for me”.

Repeat this process with different organs of your body where you feel pain.

This meditation is also available in Hindi.

Gratitude Meditation: Thanking body & mind (Hindi).

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