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Feeding Drive for Stray Dogs by Loving Foundation

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

The nationwide lockdown isn't only affecting humans but even animals who are left to defend themselves. While every animal lover is trying their best to assist the animals around them, there are still many animals who are in need of help.

Lockdown is crucial time for stray animals. Their look for food and water is challenging than ever! we will still attend the shop during lockdown but they believe our compassion for his or her next meal. In this time of lockdown, animals on the streets need our kindness most. They don’t understand why suddenly there's no food available and why their water bowls are running dry. the streets are silent and most of the standard sources of food for street animals disappeared overnight.

Loving Foundation, a Ahmedabad-based NGO, is working for the feeding of stray Dogs for more than seven months.

Become s Volunteer to feed street Dogs. We supply this free of charge to Volunteers.

If You Would Like to Support Us and Help MORE Please Donate.

Donate Now: +919099941286

Watch Full Video:

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