Loving Hearts Community

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a tiny, golden grain of sand that dreamt of becoming a beautiful beach. It could only do so, though, by joining hands with the other grains. Exactly the same, dear friend, is life!

Do you know that the term ‘Community’ stands for common unity and that the word ‘Unity’ is derived from the Latin ‘unus’, which means uno: one?

When we unite, together, for ONE, single reason, person or purpose, we become unstoppable. We then form a community, a gathering- which Buddha so beautifully called the ‘Sangha’. Our purpose is ‘Enlovement’, which means ‘being in a state of love’.

What is the Loving Hearts Community?

The Loving community is a group of people on the path of Enlovement based on Loving’s magnanimous vision to be the leading center to help people enhance inner joy, realize their true potential & master their own life.

Dr. Ronak, the Founder of the Loving Foundation, is an active member of 3 communities: Osho International, Japanese Archery & the Humaniversity Community. He has visited and stayed at Eco Village communities like ZEGG in Germany and Harbin Hot Springs near San Francisco.

Loving Foundation is affiliated with Humaniversity & Global Ecovillage Network and our vision is to form the Humaniversity Loving Eco-village University in India.

Benefits of Joining Loving Hearts Community?

The one who’s keen on personal growth; who understands, profoundly, that his real, inner core need is love, metamorphosizes into a beautiful being. He begins working towards transformation, caring for, and sharing with, everyone. A Loving Community member is just that. They help make the world a better place to live in!

By becoming a Loving Community Member, beware, you’ll no longer be the same. You’ve heard us. You’ll see yourself transform into a beautiful being that had been waiting for this very moment, all this while, and you never knew!

You’ll start taking the responsibility of your own happiness and life situations that confront you every day. In this way, we’ll help you create a strong, unshakable foundation for blossoming into a truly loving human being.

  • Participate in Daily Loving Yoga & Active Meditation batches: special for women & kids

  • Participate Enlovement Retreats like Emotional Freedom, Conscious Living, Healing & Self Love, Humaniversity AUM Every Month

  • Exclusive Community Events on Weekends

  • Access to Online Members’ Area to manage your subscription and Download Meditation, Music & Videos

  • Access library & Friendship Cafe, runs on Gift Economy, exclusively for Loving Community (Presently Closed until further notice)