Loving Volunteers

“Volunteers”, said Elizabeth Andrew, “do not necessarily have the time. They just have the heart!”. Nothing could be more profound! Loving volunteers help us achieve our goals to inspire people with their passion, enthusiasm, and spirit!

The ‘Loving Volunteer Program’ empowers you with Loving’s personal growth techniques, ….and, most importantly- instills in you, the essence of Loving’s vision, which is, to help people enhance inner joy, realize their true potential & master their own life.

Orientation Program:

Volunteers can join the incredible orientation program that helps them grow. You can also undertake the amazing Way of the Heart; a Foundation Workshop, which is a life-changing experience!

Volunteer Kit:

All Loving volunteers receive their own kit comprising your Certificate, Music, T-shirt/Bottle, and Flyers! Your volunteer kit enables you to better handle the assignments and tasks at hand, so you are always prepared!

Volunteering work:

  • Join Loving’s Free Programs

  • Visit the Friendship Café

  • Subscribe to SMS, Whatsapp, Social Media and stay motivated, all day long!

  • Take care of your classmates, other students, friends and your family

  • Connect with the 1096 Zindagi Helpline

  • Participate in any projects at Loving