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Learn about your emotions, release your stress and reclaim the joy of being alive!

Learn about your emotions, release your stress and reclaim the joy of being alive!

AUM stands for Awareness, Understanding & Meditations. It is an international event happening in 60 countries by certified AUM Leaders.

Humaniversity AUM is a social interactive process guiding you in a safe and supportive environment through 14 aspects of the human experience; Hatred, forgiveness, Love, Stamina, Life Energy, Chaos, Dance, Sadness, Laughter, Sensuality, Chanting, Silence, Respect and Sharing.

The AUM is a Social Meditation that combines movement, role playing and vocal expression. By participating in the AUM you can experience a deep sense of aliveness, warmth, relaxation and acquire a taste for life again!

Veeresh, Founder of Humaniversity has created AUM in 1989. Dr. Ronak is personally trained by him to offer this innovative process in India & since 2012 he is conducting AUM every month in India.

“The AUM Meditation will go down in history as my greatest contribution to spiritual awareness.”


Benefits :

Peaceful Mind | Loving Heart | Flowing Emotion | Beautiful Behavior | Fulfilling Relationships | AUM can change your life




Dr Ronak Gandhi Founder & CEO

He is a Medical Doctor, Holistic Health Practitioner, Zen Counsellor, Enlovement Coach, TEDx Speaker & Peace Ambassador. He is the only Indian with the 4th Black belt in Kyudo – Japanese Zen Archery and a trained facilitator in Meditation, Therapy, Hypnosis & Healing Arts


I attended the HLTP workshop which was a lot of fun. It was interactive, well conducted and full of activities. I touched base with certain emotions and learned new techniques to deal with them. It was interesting.

Aafaq Khan

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  • Winter Special Session on Pranayama.
    Winter Special Session on Pranayama.
    Sun, 03 Dec
    Winter Special Session on Pranayama.
    03-Dec-2023, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
    Ahmedabad, Devi, 148 Murli Bungalows, Ashram Rd, opposite Navjeevan Press, Sattar Taluka Society, Usmanpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380014, India

Darshana Doshi, Freelance Writer/Editor/Journalist

“Dr Ronak’s AUM meditation certainly helped me to attain my mind for greater good in my personal LIFE I can extend the mind set created for my entrepreneurship, health and relationships. Getting connected to make a difference is the strength that Dr Ronak and Rishma bestow. I think its an only way where I could bring my bad past as an advantage in  PRESENT AND FUTURE..”

The AUM has helped me to a great extent to make me aware of what all was collected inside me and how to release it, to relax and experience positivity. Released a lot of negative energy and it really felt that my body has become lighter. AUM has made a very positive impact on my life.

Nishi Garg

The Structure of Workshop itself is so unique and the allotment of all moods was perfect and at the end that gives an amazing feeling

Dimple Mistry

Vansh Shah

Experienced meditation world for the first time in my life with Dr Ronak Gandhi. AUM meditation was invigorating exhilarating stimulating, rejuvenating and poignant. It was a roller coaster of emotions like inhibition, fear, sadness, anger, laughter joy, n finally inner peace…

Negative emotions release & forgiveness session all helped me to touch my emotions to express them and get them out.

Pratik Vyas

Sandhya Wadhwani

Liubov Smirnova

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