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Loving accepts donations with a view to support the activities at the center. Donations of all sizes are appreciated and accepted. We offer free programs to school children & teachers. We also offer Student Volunteer Program. We can take care of our children by guarding them from excess amount of stress with the help of Way of the Heart program. Loving works as a counselor for 1096 Zindagi Helpline.

We have a lot of requirements to fulfill the needs of the callers of 1096; counselor, medicine, family counselor, social worker, specialist doctors, etc.

You may select any program for your donations.

  • Way of the Heart School Program

  • Student Volunteer Program

  • Education Assistance

  • 1096 Zindagi Helpline

  • Loving Community

  • Friendship Cafe (runs on gift economy)

  • Financial help to persons in need

  • Patients relief fund

Loving Foundation

Devi House, 148 Murli Bungalows, Opp Navjivan Press, Income Tax,
Ahmedabad – 380015
Call +918758633222

To donate by check, please make a check payable to “Loving Foundation” payable at Ahmedabad and mail it to:

The Loving Foundation is a registered charity. All donations to the organization are tax-free under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

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