Meditation in Daily Life is the Art of Conscious Living.
Kyudo The Way of the Japanese Bow
Meditation in the Marketplace Work & Life Balance
AUM & Art of Friendship Awareness Understanding Meditation
  • Loving!

    Loving! – The Way of the Heart is a Center for Transformation & Personal growth.

    We offer Active, Passive & Social Meditations, Group Therapy, Self-Hypnosis, Counseling, Ancient arts like Chi Kung and Japanese Zen Archery (Kyudo) to Individuals, Corporate, Schools, Colleges and Organization to bring inner joy in present day life.

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  • Our Team

    Dr. Ronak Gandhi (MBBS, PGDHHM, FRIPH)

    _MG_3361__g6fkb94183Founder of Loving! - The Way of the Heart - Center for Transformation.

    A Medical graduate, a Post graduate diploma in Hospital & HealthCare & a Fellow of Royal Institute of Public Health.

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  • Our Activities

    » 'Emotional Wellness Workshop' - Every First Sunday at Mumbai & Every Third Sunday at Ahmedabad

    » 'Self Hypnosis for Relaxation' every month at Loving's Wellness Studio, Ahmedabad

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Upcoming Events

Global AUM Meditation for World Peace
21-09-2014 10:00 AM
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Emotional Wellness Workshop

pic-friends-loversLearn about your emotions, release your stress and

reclaim the joy of being alive


Loving's Wellness Studio



I have learn it in Your session is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.
Khushboo Kantharia, Founder Disha NGO
Experienced meditation world for the first time in my life with Dr Ronak Gandhi. AUM meditation was invigorating exhilarating stimulating, rejuvenating and poignant. It was a roller coaster of emotions like inhibition, fear, sadness, anger, laughter joy, n finally inner peace...
Shraddha Ganjawala
I attended the emotional wellness workshop which was a lot of fun. It was interactive, well conducted and full of activities. I touched base with certain emotions and learnt new techniques to deal with them. It was interesting.
Darshana Doshi, freelance writer/editor/journalist
This is a beautiful effort by Ronak and this meditation has a lot of depth. If done with proper understanding, it can transform a person in a shorter span of time. Having a balanced life and being centered is the key to a blissful life. This is a good formula to detoxify. I hope everybody discovers this for themselves.
Smita Gondkar, Film Actress
Buddha died, went to heaven and stood in front of the pearly gates. Buddha refused to enter and said “I will come in only when all of mankind has entered”. Ronak, You are a Sambuddha and your job is to take care of people. I send you all my love and support.
Veeresh D Youson Sanchez - Founder of Humaniversity

Daily Quotes

Emotional Wellness Tips 6: Don't cover up you emotions, express them! With other person in a sensitive & loving way.

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